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About BoricuaLayVegan

We are an online Boricua/Malaysian Gourmet Vegan Based Restaurant representing our food cultures and a few others with the best in Gourmet Vegan Cuisine soybean, & vegetable based meat like proteins with an Entertainment environment that will come to a physical location in Miami Year 2020. Stay tuned and follow us on our social media pages! Also look out for our upcoming food fest events. 

Puerto Rican/Black/Asian Owned Christian Business



Sig MehrunniaSPerez WaterMark_BoricuaLay
Sig XavierPerez WaterMark_BoricuaLayVega



We are excited to share our love for food with the world!


Our vision in sharing this love has hit a bump in the road due to recent events with Covid19. Though this is a challenge at this time, we are more focused in fine tuning ourselves in the vision.

Looking for investor/SBL that may be interested in making this vision into fruition.

Send us your inquiry: info@boricualayvegan.com

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All Videos

All Videos
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Mars Shot Dream Build a City #marsshot #marsshotuae

Mars Shot Dream Build a City #marsshot #marsshotuae

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BoricuaLayVegan Ad

BoricuaLayVegan Ad

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Vegan Chicken Mofongo

Vegan Chicken Mofongo

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